Section Chairs

​Respiratory Failure

Section Chair: Martin Kneyber​​

Deputy Chair: Daniele De Luca


Section Chair: Jens Möller

Deputy Chair:  Dominic Wilkinson

Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Section Chair: Andy Darbyshire

Deputy Chair: George Damhuis

Infection, systemic inflammation and sepsis

Section Chair: Koos Jansen

Deputy Chair: Etienne Javouhey

Neuro critical care

Section Chair: Hannelore Ringe

Deputy Chair: Barney Scholfield

Nursin​g Science Group

Section Chair: Erwin Ista

Deputy Chair: Joseph Manning

Resuscitation & emergency medicine

Section Chair: Dominique Biarent

Deputy Chair: Sophie Skellett

Metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition

Section Chair: Koenraad Joosten

Deputy Chair: Frederic Valla


Section Chair: Dick Tibboel

Section Deputy Chair: Paula Pokorna

Health services research, administration, education, information technology/

Long term outcome

Section Chair: Jan Hazelzet

Deputy Chair: Corinne Buysse

Renal CRRT

Section Chair: Akash Deep

Deputy Chair: Vesna Stojanovic

Cardiovascular Dynamics

Section Chair: Joris Lemson

Cardiac ICU and Mechanical Circulatory Support

Section Chair: Eduardo Da Cruz

Deputy Chair: Cecile Tissot


Section Chair: Padmanabhan Ramnarayan

Deputy Chair: Aleksandra Doronjski​​​

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