Pre-Meeting Workshops

  • Pre-Meeting Workshops will be held prior to the start of the 28th Annual Meeting of     the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC 2017)
  • All courses will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 between 09:00-17:00
  • All participants of  Pre-Meeting Workshops must be registered to the Meeting
  • Space is limited, pre-registration and payment is required in order to secure your           ticket
  • Cost: 100 Euro
  • CME/CPD credit will be applied for the Pre-Meeting Workshops

How To Register

Limited space available

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  • If you have not yet registered for the Meeting you may reserve your place in the Pre-     Meeting Workshops via the Online Registration Form


Sepsis Workshop - FULLY BOOKED
Chairs: Koos Jansen, Netherlands and Etienne Javouhey, France

09:00 - Sepsis-3: what about children?
Luregn Schlapbach, Australia

09:45 - Sepsis pathway
Jos Latour, UK

11:00 - Sepsis in children with comorbidities or immunodeficiency
Koos Jansen, Netherlands 

11:45 - Septic shock and toxic shock syndrome
Etienne Javouhey, France

13:30 - Can we prevent development of multi-organ dysfunctions?
Scott Weiss, USA

14:15 - Vasoactive agents in septic shock: what is the strategy?
Joris Lemson, Netherlands

15:30 - Post-discharge mortality and solutions
Tex Kissoon, Canada

16:15 – Conclusion
Koos Jansen, Netherlands / Etienne JavouheyFrance

Chair: Cecile Tissot, Switzerland

09:00 - Basics of echocardiography
Cecile Tissot, Switzerland

09:30 - Echocardiography for the neonatologist 
Yogen Singh, UK

10:00 - Echocardiography for the intensivist
Cecile Tissot, Switzerland

11:00 - Echocardiography for mechanical circulatory support and cardiac transplantation
Brigitte Stiller, Germany 

11:30 - Echography for line placement
Pierre Tissieres, France 

12:00 - Lung echography 
Philippe Durand, France

13:30 - 17:00 - Echo hands-on 

Ventilation Workshop -  FULLY BOOKED

Chair: Martin Kneyber, The Netherlands 

Non Invasive Respiratory Support

09:00-09:25 Introduction 
Ventilation Practitioners: Marcel Tinnevelt, Maartje van Poppel, Anita Duyndaml; Joke Smit; Rozalinde Kein Blommert; Bea Veldsema; Brenda van Delft, Netherlands

09:25-10:10 How to use NIV
Marti Pons, Spain  

10:10-10:30 How to start with NIV on your ward?
Ventilation Practitioners

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Hands-on / Workstation
Ventilation Practitioners

1: Interface choice

2: Ventilators and NIV NAVA

3: High Flow Nasal Cannula

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break 

Invasive mechanical ventilation

13:30-14:15 How to ventilate in obstructive and restrictive lung disease 

14:15-15:00 How to oscillate 
Peter Rimensberger, Switzerland

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break 

15:30-17:00 Hands-on / Workstation
Ventilation practitioners 

1: Ventilator settings in obstructive and restrictive lung disease / TPP

2: HFO

3: Waveforms

Organ Donation Workshop - CANCELLED 
Chairs: Thomas Nakagawa, USA and Joe Brierley, UK 

08:30-09:15 - Introduction to end of life and palliative care in ICU/defining death and organ donation 
Joe Brierley, UK

09:15-10:00 - Which organs can be donated, & how can we optimise the donor
Thomas Nakagawa, USA 

10:00-10:30 - Group discussion about national practices - DBD, DCD, infant donation 
Thomas Nakagawa, USA

10:30-10:45 - Break

10:45-11:30 - Organisation: An optimal organ donation system

11:30-12:15 - Caring for the donor family 
Jos Latour, UK

12:15-13:30 - Lunch & donor registration

13:30-14:15 - Basics of caring for the post heart and/or lung transpant child 

14:15-15:00 - Liver transplantation - all you wanted to know 
Pierre Tissieres, UK 

15:00-15:30 - Immunosuppression – a masterclass 

15:30-16:00 - Ethics and organ donation
Joe Brierley, UK

Paediatric Heart Failure Workshop -  FULLY BOOKED
Chairs: Eduardo Da Cruz, USA and Aparna Hoskote, UK 

Heart Failure in Children

09:00 - Opening address, welcome, introduction to the day, organisation of teams
Aparna Hoskote, UK, Eduardo da Cruz, USA, Ann Karimova, UK

09:10 - Demographics of heart failure in neonates, infants and children
Ranny Goldwasser, Germany 

09:40 - Recognition of acute heart failure – is it myocarditis?
Aparna Hoskote, UK 

10:10 Paediatric heart failure in Portugal: scope of the problem 
Conceição Trigo, Portugal 

ICU Management of Heart Failure

11:00 - Management of a deteriorating child with new onset cardiac failure in the ICU: "the what to do's and not to do's"
Eduardo da Cruz, USA

11:30 - Cardiac ECMO – principles, indications, pitfalls
Aparna Hoskote, UK

12:15 - Usefulness of echocardiography in ECMO patients: what is important to know? 
Eduardo da Cruz, USA

12:45 - Lunch and opportunity to interact with Berlin Heart and Heartware Representatives

Ventricular Assist Devices in children

13:30 - From ECMO to VAD…  the story so far (Devices available and technical differences)
Brigitte Stiller, Germany

14:00 - Peri-implantation considerations, selection of devices, choice of appropriate device, timing
Ann Karimova, UK 

14:30 - ICU management of VADs including Anticoagulation and Complications 
Ann Karimova, UK

15:00 - Coffee and opportunity to interact with Berlin Heart and Heartware Representatives

Hands on Simulaton - Simulated circuits for BH Excor and HVAD (parallel working sessions)

15:30 - SIM for pulsatile BH
Ann Karimova, UK,  Rebecca Jones, UK 

15:30 - SIM for centrifugal HVAD 
Aparna Hoskote, UK, Rebecca Jones, UK

16:30 - Beyond ICU management of patient on VAD
Ranny Goldwasser, Germany             

16:40 - Care in the Community and dealing with the uncertainty – waiting for transplant in hospital or home
Rebecca Jones, UK

17:00 - Evaluation, certification and feedback
Aparna Hoskote (UK), Eduardo da Cruz, USA, Ann Karimova, UK


Nursing Science Workshop - CANCELLED 
Chairs: Andrew Darbyshire, UK and Joseph Manning, UK 

09:00-09:30 What is the evidence for early warning scores? 
Sue Chapman, UK

09:30-10:00 How can we evaluate assessment tools and scoring systems? 
Monique van Dijk, Netherlands 

10:00-10:30 Neonatal early warning scoring systems 
Agnes van den Hoogen, Netherlands 

11:00-11:30 Use of early warning scores in high risk pediatric populations 
Orsola Gawronski, Italy 

Nursing section: practical skills to aid nurse's recognition of deterioration

11:30-12:00 Assessing the deteriorating neonate
George Damhuis, Netherlands 

13:30-17:00 A practical examination skills workshop

Respiratory examination theory and practical
Andrew Darbyshire, UK / Joseph Manning, UK

Cardiovascular examination theory and practical
Andrew Darbyshire, UK

Neurological examination theory and practical
Andrew Darbyshire, UK

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